Monday, 24 March 2014

Google Is Working On The ‘Next Generation’ Of Panda Update

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Google search spam head, Matt Cutts announced at Search Marketing Expo that his search spam team is working for the “next generation” Panda update that would being softer than other Panda Updates.
Matt Cutts said that this Panda update should have a direct impact to helping small businesses to do better.
One google employee in his team is specifically working on ways to help small websites and businesses to do better in the SERPs. This next generation update of  Panda is one specific algorithmic change that should have a positive impact on small business websites.

Cutts didn’t mention when the new version of Panda is roling out but rather the are currently working on this update. 
Seo Friends

Google would not be the first time released this type of softer Panda update. They did a softer update to the Panda algorithm possibly in July of last year.