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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Google Penalty Checker – See How You’re Affected

This new tool from Fruition will quantify and visualize the impact of various Google Algorithm updates against any profile in your Google Analytics account.

Free, requires registration:

Check Your Site in Just Two Minutes: A How-To Guide

How it works: First, you have to create an account and connect your Google Analytics with this tool, which takes about a minute. Next, you’re guided to a diagram (below) which is a visual representation of how Google updates could affect your site.
This site allows you to determine whether a Google penalty has been applied to your Website. It’s called Fruition.

They offer a free basic plan which allows you to check two websites. Take a look at the result from my blog below.

seo friends - Free Google Penalty Checker Tool

  • Fruition analyses your Google Analytics data and checks your site for each Google update since the end of 2011.
  • It then shows the probable impact on your blog, be it positive, negative or otherwise.
  • By clicking on the Details link in the Description column, you can also find out what each Google update was for.
  • So you can get an idea of the types of things you need to do on your site to remedy each Google penalty.
  • In all probability, I got hit pretty hard by a couple of the updates but at least I have a better idea of what I need to work on!