Friday, 25 April 2014

SEO Tips and Tricks for 2014

SEO is going to be more harder  in 2014, so this task is not much as easy for beginners, so  they must need to read follow some best SEO tips and instructions from the internet.

Latest SEO tips and tricks 2014

Best SEO Tips to improve your On-Page optimization:

Interesting and Descriptive article - content must be interest to read and descriptive content otherwise visitors not spend more time on your site or blog and its affect the Bounce rate.

Quality of the Content - Don’t copy Paste whole content from the other website or blog and Avoid Keyword stuffing.

Short and meaning Title - Your title tag must be maximum 70 characters and the keyword must included in the titles.

Relative Meta Description - Writ a short description related to your page. Use 150 Characters and do not stuff keyword in to the descriptions.

Optimal Keyword Density Ratio - Maintain your Keyword Density in the Safe manner to not getting Google Algorithm Penalties.

SEO Friendly URL - Url of the page must be search engine friendly and readable.

Use of Headings - Use prober headings tags h1, h2, etc…

Image Optimization - Alt tags must includes in all images that will help you to improve the rankings.

Tips to improve Off-Page SEO:

Link building - Link building is the most popular and important Off Page SEO strategy.

Social media - Google take social signals as an important metric for ranking web pages. Unsurprisingly Google +1’s are plying big roal into SERPs.

Social bookmarking - This point reinforces the importance of creating relevant and engaging content for successful SEO.


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