Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Useful (On Page) SEO Tips & Tricks for 2014

  • Find LSI Keywords
  • Use LSI Keywords more
  • SEO Check Up  
How to find LSI keywords

Find LSI Keywords - Find and use LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing Tools) Keywords related to your  website and pages.

Use LSI Keywords more - Stop Keyword stuffing in your on page activities the new idea Mix up targeted keywords words, related words and synonyms. Use it in all important On-Page SEO Factors.

SEO Check Up – Use Seo check up tools available in the Internet and improve the SEO Score by fixing the errors by the tips then you can get a better rank in SERP.

Important SEO Tips in 2014
Seo become more harder and competitive this time. But there are some guidelines and rules that we must have to follow these techniques to rank well in SERP.



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